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This week: Jamie breaks up a long-dis­tance work trip with some night ac­tion, and then lands a lo­cal big ’un.

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Ifish­ing the amaz­ing Lin­ear Fish­eries dur­ing the cooler months, as there’s al­ways a chance of some bites.

With so many an­glers vis­it­ing this Ox­ford­shire com­plex,

I’m sure that keeps the carp mov­ing, so I’m al­ways con­fi­dent that I’ll find some feed­ing fish.

My mate Bob Marvin and I were on our way to do some work in Welsh­pool, far away from my Es­sex home, so we thought it would be rude not do a night on Lin­ear en route.

Af­ter park­ing next to St. John’s Lake, we grabbed a bucket of bait and walked around the lake, head­ing for the ‘so­cial side’ first, where we could see a cou­ple of free pegs.

We sat down for a bit, look­ing for signs of fish, and it didn’t take long be­fore we spot­ted carp ris­ing out of the shal­lower wa­ter at the other end of the lake, so we made our way down there. We didn’t want to fish di­rectly on top of them, for fear of spook­ing them, so we set up a few swims away from them.

Cru­cial hook change

I changed the Spomb on my spod rod over to a lead, to ‘feel’ the bot­tom. I found one clear spot at 64 yards out from the bank, with a big weedbed be­hind it. I also found an­other nice area, 54 yards to the right that had a bit of silk­weed.

I de­cided to fish two rigs on the clear area, feed­ing hemp, corn and 10 mm Cell boilies, but just fed boilies on the other line, where I used a long hook link, to give good pre­sen­ta­tion in the low-ly­ing weed. I put quite a bit of bait out in both ar­eas, as the fish were clearly ac­tive.

Af­ter tuck­ing into an In­dian take­away, or­dered from the lo­cal restau­rant, we hit the sack early, as we had to get up for work the next morn­ing.

We had only been in our sleep­ing bags for a few min­utes when one of Bob’s bite alarms sounded, and he was in. It was re­ally shal­low in front of us, so I put my waders on, to make net­ting the fish eas­ier. On the scales, it went 27 lb 10 oz. What a good start!

I was soon into my first fish, but the hook pulled as I played it through the weed. My next fish fell off as well, so I changed all of my size 6 hooks to size 4 wide gapes.

I man­aged to land three fish dur­ing the night, and one at first light, be­fore we had to leave for work. So, the in­crease in hook size turned a bad ses­sion into a good one.

Banger on the bank

I was keen to do some more fish­ing af­ter the Lin­ear overnighter, but had to wait, be­cause of work and fam­ily time.

The ac­tion at Stan­ford Hall, near my home, had been slow go­ing, but I had been feed­ing an open wa­ter swim quite reg­u­larly. While walk­ing round the lake one af­ter­noon I saw a fish show right over the bait, so I topped the spot up and re­turned the next day.

I cast out three rigs, each with a solid PVA bag of bait, and I didn’t have to wait long be­fore I hooked a fish.

The fish stayed deep all the way in, so I kept the pres­sure on, tak­ing my time to land it. Then Bill turned up, to load the van up for a French trip, and scooped it in first time.

It was one of the three fish that I’d wanted to catch from Stan­ford this year, and what a ‘banger’ it was, weigh­ing 30 lb 8 oz. I now have only one fish, called Natalie’s, to achieve my goal.

With the scaly stun­ner re­turned safely, I packed up, as we had an early start the next day, to catch a ferry to France.

I’m writ­ing this col­umn there, whilst com­pet­ing in a big carp match at Crete Lakes. We’ve started re­ally well, catch­ing lots, and next week we’ll tell you ex­actly how we got on.

LOVEAf­ter Jamie in­creased his hook size, he man­aged to catch five chunky carp from pop­u­lar Lin­ear Fish­eries day ticket com­plex.

This 30 lb 8 oz mir­ror carp was one on Jamie’s ‘wanted list’.

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