It is bet­ter to fish with the right method for an hour, than with the wrong method for a day.

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whether it’s ‘hotspots’, ‘hold­ing ar­eas’ or ‘lairs’, the fact re­mains that if you fish spots such as these, you will end up hav­ing con­sis­tent sport. They only stop pro­duc­ing when they’ve been fished a bit too much, and the pike take res­i­dence in a less favoured, undis­turbed area.

What do you do if you are strug­gling on a very big pit?

One proven tac­tic is to tie a dead­bait to a float us­ing cot­ton thread, but in these days of ‘rage against plas­tic pol­lu­tion’, you need to find an en­vi­ron­men­tally friendly float. A small off-cut from an un­treated plank will de­grade even­tu­ally, and will not per­sist like poly­styrene. Drop the marker and the dead­bait in ar­eas that you think might be worth­while, and wait un­til one dis­ap­pears.

An­other method is to wob­ble a dead­bait, a method hardly used these days. You can cover a lot of wa­ter, mak­ing a note of the ar­eas where you get a take, for fu­ture ses­sions.

Small wa­ters should be one of your tar­gets. This tired-look­ing 31-pounder came from a wa­ter that is un­der an acre in size.

A bait cage and bait tube, for re­tain­ing live­baits caught from the venue that you are fish­ing.

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