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EMERALD Pool Fish­ery, which is just a long cast from the banks of the Huntspill River at Pu­ri­ton, near Bridg­wa­ter, in Som­er­set, is a su­perb lo­ca­tion for a great day's sport. When I lived closer to the venue, a few years ago, I fished it fre­quently, but I haven’t been there for sev­eral years.

There are sev­eral lakes on site. The orig­i­nal Emerald

Pool al­ways was, and still is, a bag­ging pool, where 100 lb catches of carp are reg­u­lar oc­cur­rences, as are equally im­pres­sive nets of sil­ver fish.

Over the years, other lakes have joined Emerald, in­clud­ing Ruby, Sap­phire and Jade. In the past, I have fin­ished a ses­sion with big bags of carp and sil­ver fish on Emerald and Sap­phire, but one of my most en­joy­able days came in the win­ter, when it very cold and snow­ing, but I still man­aged a de­cent haul of Emerald carp on a pole.

I de­cided to join my reg­u­lar fish­ing buddy, Shawn Kit­tridge, for this ses­sion. I had never fished Jade be­fore, so we de­cided to try it for this fea­ture. Jade was in­tended to be a spec­i­men carp lake, but the fish bred like fury, and while dou­bles and 20s are present, there is a larger head of sin­gle-fig­ure carp, along­side big shoals of skim­mers.

Shawn was go­ing to use match tac­tics for the sil­ver fish, while I was go­ing to adopt a more spec­i­men-style ap­proach, tar­get­ing the carp.

The Bri­tish weather de­cided to pull one of its reg­u­lar stunts; de­spite the re­cent cold snap, with wind and rain, we ar­rived to a flat calm lake and a bright, clear sky!

It was t-shirt weather, and you could be for­given for think­ing that this was sum­mer, in­stead of a week in mid-au­tumn.

Straight to the point

To make it in­ter­est­ing, we elected to fish a pop­u­lar swim on the point of the lake, which is large enough for two an­glers, mak­ing it a great choice for a so­cial day's an­gling.

Shawn set up to the right­hand side of the swim, and I set up to the left. My ini­tial tack was to drop a rig un­der the

Shawn man­aged to trick this clean com­mon on my carp gear. over­hang­ing tree in the left-hand mar­gin, while of­fer­ing an­other in open wa­ter, 25 yards out, to­wards the mid­dle of the lake.

Wal­nut-sized PVA mesh bags of pel­lets and a small, bright pop-up boilie would hope­fully tempt some ac­tion.

Shawn fished five pole sec­tions out, in 3-4 ft of wa­ter, feed­ing and fish­ing cast­ers.

It didn’t take long for him to start slay­ing the small skim­mers, en­joy­ing a bite a cast while I was still wait­ing for a take.

There were a few other an­glers on the lake, and I could see the guys op­po­site us were catch­ing carp off the sur­face.

The Fly­ing Scots­man

I reeled in, as I wanted to have a closer look around the lake, and bumped into none other than pro­fes­sional darts su­per­star

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