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Choose an elas­tic that isn’t too strong for skim­mers, but is just pow­er­ful enough to land bonus carp. The 8/10 Ozone Hol­low is ideal. scene, re­gard­less of whether he catches some­thing or not. That’s a good enough for me.

Af­ter a good chat, he had to pack up, to col­lect his kids, and I went back to my swim, where I de­cided on a change of tac­tics.

Sur­face slurpers

The carp were clearly up in the wa­ter. The trou­ble was, I had left all my floater gear at home. I did, how­ever, have some zig rigs with me, so I set up a cou­ple.

To em­brace the con­di­tions, I de­cided to cat­a­pult some

PVA mesh bags of Nash Riser pel­lets out to­wards the mid­dle of the lake. For an added kick, I squirted some Goo onto the bags, and it didn’t take long for the carp to be­gin slurp­ing.

I had one dropped take on a zig rig sus­pended just a foot be­low the sur­face, but most of the carp showed in­ter­est in the sur­face fished zig baits.

The fish were cute, how­ever, and my pre­sen­ta­tion wasn’t ideal. A con­troller float would have led to some more pos­i­tive takes, as proved by the lads on the op­po­site bank, who con­tin­ued to catch a few fish.

Mean­while, Shawn was still catch­ing a skim­mer a bung, and he had also hooked and landed a small carp.

I was get­ting frus­trated, so I de­manded that Shawn and I swapped, and he duly obliged. I sat on his box and pro­ceeded to

Con­tin­ued over

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