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(three-mile stretch), Stafford­shire, ST10 0PN (park­ing and ac­cess at Nor­bury Junc­tion pub). Mem­bers only. Stoke City DAA mem­ber­ship £15. Tel: 01782 818380.

What’s be­ing caught? Chub to 6 lb, bream and perch to 3 lb, roach to 1 lb and a few hy­brids to 2 lb 8 oz.

Tac­tics? Pole with worms over chopped worm and cast­ers down the track for the perch. Cast­ers and red mag­gots over chopped worm and cast­ers down the track for the bream and stamp roach. Bread punch over liq­uidised bread at this time of year for the skim­mers and roach. Chopped worm and cast­ers to far bank fea­tures for the chub. Squatts and pinkies over ground­bait three-quar­ters across for lots of smaller sil­ver fish. Heron­brook Fish­eries Where? Slin­don, near Ec­cle­shall, Stafford­shire, ST21 6LX. Day tick­ets £9 one rod; £11 two rods. Tel: 07879 441282. What’s be­ing caught? The Match Lake is pro­duc­ing carp in the high-teens, with lots av­er­ag­ing 6 lb and some in the 20s, with F1s to 5 lb. Carp to low-teens, bar­bel to 8 lb, chub to 3 lb, F1s to 3 lb and perch to 4 lb on Canal Pool. Bar­bel to 8 lb, chub to 5 lb and F1s on Bridge Pool. Carp in the high­teens and plenty of skim­mers on Meadow Pool. Carp nudg­ing dou­bles, chub, bream, cru­cians, skim­mers and roach on Is­land Pool. Paul Bran­drick topped Round Two of the 96-peg Heron­brook Teams of Four Win­ter League with 199 lb 15 oz of carp and F1s on Canal peg 17, and 167 lb was needed to make the top six.

Tac­tics? On Canal Pool, pole with mag­gots and pel­lets shal­low down the track. Pole and mag­gots up in the wa­ter has been ef­fec­tive on Bridge Pool. On the other pools, pel­lets, corn, lun­cheon meat, cast­ers, mag­gots and worms all do the busi­ness.

Nap­ton Reser­voir

Where? Nap­ton on the Hill, Southam, War­wick­shire,

CV47 8HX. Mem­bers only. Leam­ing­ton AA mem­ber­ship £38. Tel: 07890 467464. What’s be­ing caught? A few carp to 30 lb with lots from 15-20 lb, and small shoals of dou­ble-fig­ure bream. Small shoals of cru­cians to 3 lb. Perch to 2 lb, roach to 1 lb 8 oz, and lots of small rudd and pike to mid-teens.

Tac­tics? Long-range feeder with worms or boilies for the bream. Wag­gler with corn for the cru­cians, rather than mag­gots, to get through the rudd. Spin­ners and float fished or leg­ered lob­worms for the perch. Boilies at long range for

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