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River Calder

Where? Whal­ley Abbey, The Sands, Whal­ley, Clitheroe, Lan­cashire, BB7 9SS. Mem­bers only. Hyn­d­burn & Black­burn AA mem­ber­ship £50.

Tel: 01254 829558.

What’s be­ing caught? This mod­est-sized river has been ex­cel­lent for dace, with catches top­ping 30 lb by the Abbey. Grayling to 2 lb and chub to 4 lb. Tac­tics? Con­di­tions will vary, but on a steady river use a whip or a light stick float mid-river to tar­get the dace on dou­ble mag­got over plenty of loose­feed.

River Dee

Where? Farn­don, near Ch­ester, Cheshire, CH3 6QS. Free fish­ing. Tel: 01244 345069.

What’s be­ing caught? Steady lev­els will pro­duce good catches of roach to 10 oz, dace to 8 oz and perch to 1 lb, in nets to 15 lb, maybe more, it all de­pends on pre­vail­ing con­di­tions.

Tac­tics? It’s very deep here, so a Bolo’ or a pole-based ap­proach of­ten works best, with a bulked shot­ting pat­tern. Feed hemp and cast­ers and use mag­gots on a size 16 fine wire hook to a 0.10 mm hook link. A bait drop­per is use­ful to get the bait down in the deep wa­ter.

River Mersey

Where? Padding­ton Bank, War­ring­ton, Cheshire, WA1 3PB. Mem­bers only. War­ring­ton AA mem­ber­ship £50 plus a £40 join­ing fee. Tel: 01928 716238. What’s be­ing caught? These lower reaches con­tinue to pro­duce ex­cel­lent sport, for roach in par­tic­u­lar, along with a scat­ter­ing of bream to 4 lb, perch and pike.

Tac­tics? The fish are catch­able on a whip or stick float and long rod. They are not too far out, just loose­feed and they will come to the bait. Hope­fully, no se­vere floods will up­set things, but if they do, switch to a mag­got feeder once things set­tle again. Where? Red Lion, Wins­ford, Cheshire, CW7 3AA. Day tick­ets £5, in ad­vance from lo­cal tackle shops. Tel: 01606 833853. What’s be­ing caught? With ef­fort and per­sis­tence, you should grad­u­ally find some worth­while ac­tion, fea­tur­ing mixed catches of roach, bream, hy­brids, perch and small chub. Weights to 10 lb.

Tac­tics? Try Bolo’ or big stick float to keep busy, though in some slacker swims a pole to-hand will be more ef­fec­tive. Cast­ers sort out the qual­ity fish, typ­i­cally pre­sented over hemp. Al­ways try bronze mag­gots if it’s tough go­ing.

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