Last­ing legacy

Anglers Mail - - Anglers - A true gent and great nonon­sense an­gler. He will be missed. Dar­ren God­dard

JOHN WIL­SON is the rea­son why I love fish­ing – watch­ing his pro­grammes when I was young in­spired me to take up the sport.

His love for fish­ing was ev­i­dent in ev­ery­thing he did, and even up un­til re­cently he was still fight­ing causes for an­glers, such as the dam­age ot­ters are do­ing to fish­eries.

John has left a last­ing legacy, be­cause like me there must be thou­sands of peo­ple who took up fish­ing purely through watch­ing his en­joy­ment.

Neil Devine

So gifted & ded­i­cated Mas­ter of ev­ery­thing

JOHN WIL­SON was the ab­so­lute man on wag­gler, stick, slider, spin­ners, cage feeder, dead­bait, bite alarms, quiv­er­tip, cen­tre­pin, fixed-spool, mul­ti­pli­ers, sea, river, pond, lake, gravel pit, es­tate lake and weir pools.

He’s done it all and he showed us all. He also showed us all to re­spect and keep our river­banks tidy. “Steady, Wil­son.” RIP. Ben­dogswales

Bond to my dad

I’M AB­SO­LUTELY gut­ted. I’d watch Go Fish­ing with my dad, and that cre­ated a bril­liant bond be­tween us both I’ll never for­get.

My dad died al­most six years ago, and I’ve been re-watch­ing Go Fish­ing on YouTube, to help re­con­nect and bring back mem­o­ries. Thank you, John. Matthew Rus­sell

Rod mem­ory

I HAD the priv­i­lege of meet­ing John once, sup­ply­ing him with some worms after he had un­for­tu­nately been let down. He gave me a Sig­na­ture Avon rod for my trou­bles which was sadly stolen. Such a nice, friendly, gen­er­ous man.

Nige Grindell

Happy shop­per

I LOVED hang­ing out in his tackle shop as a lad, and he sold me plenty of gear. I had the priv­i­lege of sell­ing him some of those deer­stalker hats, as I

Gen­uine class

I’M gut­ted about John Wil­son. It’s a shame that all these new celeb an­glers just try to push their spon­sors’ bait and tackle at you. They have no class like JW had.

Sean Darcy

Avon rod lives on

NEXT time I’m out on the bank, I'm go­ing to use my orig­i­nal John Wil­son Avon twin-tip rod in his mem­ory.

Alan Cooper

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