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I like to use a pole when fish­ing small river weir pools, as it al­lows me to po­si­tion a rig ac­cu­rately in the ed­dies and deeper holes that are found un­der over­hang­ing trees. I'm us­ing a 16 m Gar­bolino G8, as it is strong and sturdy, ideal for for pok­ing un­der branches.

As well as tar­get­ing the deeper holes, I have a sep­a­rate rig for the shal­lower, faster ar­eas, as I like to ex­plore the pool. Buoy­ant floats with long bris­tles are im­por­tant to ride the flow found in weir pools. I'm us­ing a 0.5 g DH16 float for the shal­low rig and a 0.75 g de­sign for the deeper wa­ter. My main line is 0.15 mm Pre­ston Re­flo Power, which is tied to a 12 in. hook link of 0.10 mm Guru Pure Fluoro­car­bon and a size 18 Ka­masan B611 hook.

I like to shot the rigs with a slightly strung bulk of styls, po­si­tioned about half way down the rig, and a cou­ple of drop­pers. This shot­ting pat­tern A buoy­ant float to ride the flow. is good for edg­ing the rig through, run­ning it through at pace or hold­ing it back.

I favour hol­low elas­tics, us­ing Daiwa Hy­dro­las­tic Or­ange for the shal­low rig and Yel­low for the deeper one. These elas­tics are soft enough to deal with the smaller fish, but strong enough to cope with the big­ger chub and perch in the pool.

Do­ing it with style – Jamie’s strung bulk of styls.

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