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This is a group of lakes in Es­sex and Cam­bridgeshire, run by Chris Os­man, who I’m in part­ner­ship with, and it’s made up of four lakes: The Lavers, Cow­lands Farm, Hasse Fen and Lords Ground. These are where I cut my teeth over the years, and I couldn’t tell you the rod hours I have spent on them. I have caught plenty of fish across all the lakes, and I get to use a va­ri­ety of tac­tics, so it al­ways keeps me sharp. Chris keeps on top of his stock­ing pro­gramme, so as soon as I think I am done, a load of new fish go in. I’m sure I will al­ways fish these places. The carp are in top con­di­tion and the mem­bers are friendly.

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