Bread put to the Test

Vastly ex­pe­ri­enced Andy Lit­tle, a much-re­spected spec­i­men fish­ing pi­o­neer, re­turns to the Andy shares re­cent and past ex­pe­ri­ences to help you im­prove and land PBs.

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IHAD just a few hours to spare the other day and I was in a bit of a dilemma as to where to go, so with no bait pre­pared, I raided the larder for half a loaf of my favourite Warburton's Toastie!

Sens­ing that the Avon and the Stour would be tough, I headed for Hamp­shire's River Test, where you can nor­mally catch a few fish, and I found the river look­ing al­most per­fect for a trot­ting ses­sion.

To get a sta­ble pre­sen­ta­tion, you need a de­cent-sized float, and I usu­ally opt for an 8 or

10 g wire-stemmed Avon. Their buoy­ant bod­ies ride the fast cur­rent well and the wire stem adds sta­bil­ity, and yet they are still quite sen­si­tive to shy fish.

I set up with 3 lb Max­ima line with a mi­cro swivel to at­tach a finer hook link and al­low me to fish an olivette on the main line. I like the shape of the Dren­nan 'ol­lies', but the sil­i­cone sleeve through the mid­dle has an an­noy­ing habit of pulling out while you’re fish­ing, and they are im­pos­si­ble to thread back in again.

To solve the prob­lem, I tease the sil­i­cone out of the body of the olivette slightly, apply a tiny drop of su­per­glue, then pull it back in again. I just have to re­mem­ber to do this be­fore they end up in my tackle box. On the plus side, the small amount of sil­i­cone sleeve that pro­trudes at the base of the olivette is per­fect for wedg­ing over the eye of the mi­cro swivel.

With just a few slices of bread, I couldn't in­tro­duce any free­bies, so it was down to the hook bait alone. I wrapped a fin­ger­nail­sized piece of flake round the

An ur­ban stretch of the River Test in its win­ter coat, as Andy hooks yet an­other species.36

No ar­ray of baits this time. I had half a loaf of won­der­ful War­bur­tons Toastie.

You need a sta­ble float set-up on this pow­er­ful river. Big wire-stemmed Avons are Andy’s favourite.

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