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Bur­well Lode

Where? Bur­well to Up­ware, Cam­bridgeshire, CB25 0BA (nearby pub). Day tick­ets £7. Cam­bridge FPAS mem­ber­ship £40. Tel: Gra­ham Tweed on 01223 234616.

What’s be­ing caught? Bitea-chuck ac­tion with roach and rudd to 4 oz at the Up­ware Lock end. Pike in close at­ten­dance. Skim­mers and bream in mild con­di­tions at Pouthall Cor­ner, Cock-Up Bridge and The Fac­tory. Bur­well vil­lage end cur­rently slow, but pro­longed frosty weather will lead to roach shoal­ing up here.

Tac­tics? Pole, whip or light wag­gler with ground­bait and pinkies or bread punch and liq­uidised bread feed for the roach and rudd. Red mag­gots, cast­ers or red­worms for the bream. Pike on float leg­ered dead­baits or lures.

Old River Nene

Where? March, Cam­bridgeshire, PE15 8SY. Free fish­ing. Tel: Mill View Tackle on 01354 660566 or Bob Fitzjohn on 07970 673439.

What’s be­ing caught? Busy sport with roach to 6 oz, skim­mers, perch and rudd in match and plea­sure nets to

20 lb through­out the town cen­tre. Jack pike and small zan­der also show­ing. Chance of a tench and bream from the wider swims near the ma­rina mouth on the by­pass sec­tion. Tac­tics? Bread punch on a

7 m pole mid-river is best for the roach. Longer pole with squatts,

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