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MAG­GOTS are prov­ing to be a good win­ter bait at many com­mer­cial venues, es­pe­cially when the carp and bream have a good feed.

Ex­pander pel­lets have been pro­duc­ing fish for some, but grubs are very re­li­able in the colder months.

Tempt­ing that first bite is al­ways an im­por­tant is­sue, and there is noth­ing bet­ter than a red mag­got to de­ter­mine what sort of a day you are go­ing to have.

If you strug­gle to get bites on it, you are likely to be in for a tough ses­sion, but if you get a bite first chuck and then on the next one, it’s likely to be a good day.

If the fish are small, maybe a switch to a worm, a caster or an ex­pander pel­let could in­crease the stamp of fish.

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What’s be­ing caught? Roach are the main­stay, but bream are feed­ing in the mild weather, too. Some tidy perch as well. Tac­tics? Pinkies and mag­gots over crumb on a pole or whip for the sil­ver fish and a few bream. Crumb feeder with red mag­gots or chopped worm for the bream.

If red mag­got isn’t work­ing for you, it’s time to reach for flu­o­res­cent baits, sin­gle flu­oro mag­got or dou­ble flu­oro pinkie.

These, es­pe­cially the lat­ter, are the saviour baits that of­ten tempt a few bites on a day when noth­ing else will, at­tract­ing bet­ter-qual­ity fish as well as the smaller ones.

On some days, live flu­o­ros work bet­ter than dead ones, while on other days it’s the other way around.

The great thing is that you never need a lot of them – a quar­ter of a pint of pinkies is of­ten more than enough for a ses­sion.

Some top an­glers mix dead pinkies in with dead red and flu­oro mag­gots. So, what­ever species you go for, make sure that you have some of each bait with you this week­end!

Flu­o­res­cent mag­gots and pinkies can give you an edge in win­ter.

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