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THE usual way of fish­ing this rig with a dead­bait is to sus­pend the bait un­der the float and al­low it to drift very slowly on a still­wa­ter, or trot down a river.

When do­ing this I like to use a whole fish as bait, as it looks more nat­u­ral than sec­tions.

I will hook the bait on in one of two ways – nat­u­ral or ‘hang­ing’.

If you want the bait to sit hor­i­zon­tally and look nat­u­ral, put the top tre­ble into the base of the dor­sal fin and the lower hook at the end of the trace into the gill plate.

At­tach­ing the bait so it hangs ver­ti­cally doesn’t look as nat­u­ral but it is of­ten re­ally ef­fec­tive – the pike don’t seem to mind!

Start by hook­ing the top tre­ble through the root of the tail and the bot­tom tre­ble in the flank of the fish.

This way it will be far less likely to come off dur­ing the cast.

A ver­ti­cally hang­ing dead­bait.

Hook hor­i­zon­tal dead­baits on like this.

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