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As the tem­per­a­tures drop, kick your preda­tor sea­son off in style with my killer set-up

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How to tie Dai Gribble’s ‘go-any­where’ rig for au­tumn pike ac­tion

NOW we’re in Oc­to­ber, many an­glers’ thoughts, in­clud­ing mine, are turn­ing to preda­tor fish­ing for perch, pike, and zan­der.

This week, to help you get your sea­son off in style, I’m start­ing a new mini-se­ries where I re­veal the most ef­fec­tive, easy-to-tie rigs you need for the months ahead – kick­ing it off with a pike float rig which I call my ‘go any­where’ rig.

Over the years I’ve found dead­bait­ing for pike one of the most en­joy­able and re­li­able tac­tics. Dead­baits can be pre­sented in many ways and this week’s rig is ex­tremely ver­sa­tile. It works any­where from small rivers to huge reser­voirs.


A brightly coloured pike float run­ning across the wa­ter and then dis­ap­pear­ing un­der the wa­ter is one of the best sights in an­gling.

As soon as the float is mov­ing you know the pike has the bait in its mouth, so strike straight away. Leav­ing the run longer than the few mo­ments needed to pick the rod up and strike is likely to re­sult in one of two out­comes, nei­ther of them good. The pike may drop the bait and you’ll miss an op­por­tu­nity, or the fish is likely to be deep-hooked. This makes un­hook­ing dif­fi­cult and in­creases the risk of the pike be­ing harmed.

You need to keep a close eye on the float to en­sure runs are spot­ted as soon as pos­si­ble, so please don’t spend your ses­sion star­ing at the screen on your phone – it’s not fair on the pike!

To hit a pike run, wind the line tight then strike with a sin­gle sweep of the rod. Braid al­lows in­stant con­tact with the fish and will en­sure the hooks are set.


With their tooth-laden jaws pike might look tough, but they are ac­tu­ally quite frag­ile fish that need to be han­dled with great care.

I would urge any an­gler tar­get­ing pike for the first time to go fish­ing with some­one ex­pe­ri­enced in han­dling them or, bet­ter till, at­tend a pike fish-in if one is avail­able lo­cally.

Take great care of both your fin­gers and the pike when un­hook­ing. A good pair of for­ceps is es­sen­tial. I find the eas­i­est way to un­hook a pike is to turn it on its back and gen­tly lift the lower jaw from the bot­tom of the gill cover to ex­pose the hooks.

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