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A good qual­ity float­ing line is im­por­tant. I use Pro Float in 3lb, 4lb and 5lb.


Too many an­glers just use any old rub­bers for at­tach­ing stick floats to the line. Most of these have walls which are far too thick – they cre­ate sur­face ten­sion so the float doesn’t work prop­erly. I’ve even seen peo­ple us­ing pel­let bands to at­tach their floats to the line!

You need qual­ity sil­i­cone rub­ber with a very thin wall. The qual­ity of the rub­ber means that it can stretch con­sid­er­ably and cre­ate a very tight fit, which in turn al­lows the float to sit right and present the hook­bait per­fectly.


I al­ways spray the reel spool with a good qual­ity sil­i­cone spray be­fore start­ing fish­ing. The coat­ing not only helps the line to float but also as­sists it to run smoothly through the rod rings. The best one I’ve used to date is pro­duced by Gar­bolino.


An­glers have put pole rigs on winders for many years, but for some rea­son not many seem to do it with stick floats. I think this re­luc­tance might be down to the many vari­ables of sizes and depths of rivers fished.

If you only fish a few venues, though, you will even­tu­ally get to know the depths and sizes needed and be able to make rigs up at home. It’s a good habit to get into, as it will save you loads of time on the bank.

Make up two of each rig and you will be covered against tan­gles and break­ages, too.

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