Ex­clu­sive first test! On the bank with Fox Rage’s new preda­tor tackle

Now might be a good time to let Santa know about these Fox Rage good­ies...

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“When a pike did try to make an es­cape to some near-bank lilies, the Prism Pike Spin had more than enough guts to turn its head’

IF YOU’RE af­ter a simple yet ef­fec­tive lure set-up for big pike this Christ­mas, Fox Rage cer­tainly has the tools for the job.

Catch­ing dou­ble-fig­ure fish re­quires a rod with plenty of grunt – not only to han­dle the pow­er­ful runs of each specimen hooked but also to cope with the reg­u­lar cast­ing of baits of 30g or more.

So you’ll be happy to learn that Rage’s lat­est Prism Pike Spin out­fit ticks both these boxes with ease.

At 7ft 10ins long and rated to chuck lures in the 30g-100g range, it’s com­pact enough to fold down and fit into the boot of a car – but when it comes to the fish­ing you won’t be let down dur­ing the fight or while fre­quently cast­ing your lure. And speak­ing of lures, the Fox Rage’s Loaded Nat­u­ral Clas­sics 2 pat­terns are the per­fect ac­com­pa­ni­ment to this rod.

These pad­dle-tailed beau­ties have a su­perb swim­ming ac­tion com­bined with a re­al­is­tic fin­ish – and con­sid­er­ing they come in weights of 15g and 20g, they’re a fine fit for the Prism Pike Spin.

When I was tasked with test­ing the two com­po­nents to­gether I couldn’t wait to see the out­come.

Lure tackle of this cal­i­bre is gen­er­ally suited to gravel pit or reser­voir fish­ing, but a lot of big pike in­habit our river sys­tems – in­clud­ing the Soar in Leicestershire, home to twen­ties.

On the stretch I fished there are canal boats moored on the far bank and beds of wa­ter cab­bages along the near bank – with a 9ft-deep track down the mid­dle.

I clipped on the 14cm Loaded Nat­u­ral Clas­sic in perch colour and flicked it as tight to the far-bank boats as I could – al­low­ing the lure to sink to the bot­tom of the shelf and re­triev­ing quickly be­fore it reached the cab­bages.

In two hours I roved up and down the bank em­ploy­ing this tac­tic, and a num­ber of pike be­tween 5lb and 8lb made their way into my net.

The rod, although not tested by a true mon­ster, was strong with a hint of soft­ness, so none of the

sat­is­fac­tion of the fight was lost – a unique el­e­ment con­sid­er­ing it’s pri­mar­ily in­tended for fish that go into dou­ble fig­ures and above.

When a pike did try to make an es­cape to some near-bank lilies, the Prism Pike Spin had more than enough guts to turn its head with no creak­ing of the blank what­so­ever. It also cast the lures ef­fort­lessly through­out the day with­out show­ing signs of strug­gle.

In my opin­ion, the lures un­der re­view should be in­cluded in any se­ri­ous pike an­gler’s ar­moury too.

They come in three dif­fer­ent sizes and four re­al­is­tic colours, but it’s the fact that they’re fully loaded and ready to fish straight from the packet that will see them shoot off the shelves. The al­ready fit­ted har­ness sys­tem in­cludes two ra­zor-sharp Arma­point tre­bles con­nected to a strong wire trace and screw-in jig head.

When a pike grabbed hold of the lure there was no way it was get­ting off – ev­ery bite re­sulted in a firm hookhold.

The swim­ming ac­tion is also phe­nom­e­nal. The big pad­dle-tail kicked out lots of vi­bra­tion and the sleek body en­abled the lure to wob­ble en­tic­ingly on a quick re­trieve, some­thing that the pike sim­ply could not re­sist.

Although no huge fish were caught on the day I left with no doubt in my mind that this com­bi­na­tion of Fox Rage prod­ucts could hook and han­dle pike of record-break­ing pro­por­tions. Price: Fox Rage Prism Pike Spin rod £94.99

“Sim­ply clip them to your snap-link and you’re ready to go”

“Strong with a hint of soft­ness, so none of the feel of the fight was lost”

A firm hook-up to a Fox 2 lure. Rage Nat­u­ral Clas­sic

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