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While drop shot­ting works well enough in open wa­ter, many venues are weedy or snaggy and fish­ing them ef­fec­tively can be very dif­fi­cult.

In these sit­u­a­tions we need to look at lure tac­tics de­vel­oped for catch­ing bass in the south­ern states of the USA, where lush weedbeds of­ten hold all the fish.

You can use your drop shot­ting gear for these tac­tics, just swap­ping the rig and bait to get the right ef­fect. The

eas­i­est to use is the Texas Rig, ba­si­cally a small slid­ing weight – you can use a drilled bul­let – slid­ing on the line above a wide-gape hook. The hook and the lure, nor­mally a plas­tic worm or small ‘crea­ture’ bait, are crit­i­cal, as the bait needs to be rigged weed­less so it does not snag on the re­trieve, but can in­stantly spring up when a fish bites down on the lure. You can fish it any­where, from crawl­ing it along the bot­tom in the depths of win­ter, to stop-go re­trieves up in the wa­ter in the sum­mer. An al­ter­na­tive to the Texas is the Carolina Rig, where the weight is stopped about a foot up the line from the hook. Un­der the weight of the hook the lure falls fan­tas­ti­cally slowly, and will bring more bites when the fish want such a pre­sen­ta­tion.

Texas (left) and Carolina rigs are great for perch.

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