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WHEN I think back to how we fished for bream on the feeder 20 years ago, the only real choice was a plastic open-end model.

Although we caught using them, casting a long way was hard going, and they never allowed us to change the way we fed or presented the bait.

The only other option was a cage feeder, but this was thought of as being no good for long casts into deep water. The contents would spill out too quickly and not end up on the bottom in a little pile, which is where we all assumed the bream lived.

Since then our understand­ing of how bream feed has changed massively. We now know these fish swim off bottom regularly and, in actual fact, the cage feeder is a better option than the good old open-end. It lets us create a small cloud of bait close to the deck that fish can see and follow down.

Cage feeders rule the roost for bream to such an extent these days that plastic openends are rarely used.

Even in deep water they work brilliantl­y and, with the advent of weight-forward models, casting a long way with accuracy is assured too.

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