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What’s the best float for fishing shallow water on the upper Trent for chub?

- Jim Fuller, Derby

ABoth wagglers and stick floats will work, but the waggler is a lot more flexible, allowing you to fish at different depths and to cast around the swim while still letting it run a long way down the peg.

Given the shallow water you’re faced with, a short, dumpy straight peacock wag is best, trying to use as light a float as you can get away with to present the bait better. You still need to make sure the float is heavy enough to cast to where the fish are.

Begin fishing at full depth, but be prepared to come off bottom if you see signs of the fish moving up in the water. At times, chub can sit just under the surface and take the feed as soon as it lands so take this into account. You’ll also find that as they do this, often later in the day, they move further up the peg closer to you. Early fish will be caught running the float well down the swim, but in the final few hours of the day they could be right where the waggler is landing! Darren Cox


2AAA Garbolino Competitio­n straight peacock waggler


4lb Match Feeder Sinking Garbo Line


Three No10 shot evenly spaced down the line


0.14mm Super Soft Garbo Line


Hemp and caster


Size 16 Garbolino Medium Power Wide Gape


Double caster

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