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PLAY FISH LIKE A PRO You’ll never lose a fish again with our expert techniques

A bite from a big fish will set your heart racing, but the job is only half done until you scoop up your prize


THE ROD tip goes round, the reel sings and your adrenaline soars. These are the moments we anglers live for, but at this stage you’re still a long way away from breathing a sigh of relief as the fish slips into the net.

The battle is where these chances are converted into new personal bests. Fighting a fish properly is an often-overlooked part of the sport. Sure, a good hook-hold will forgive most mistakes you make but, as we all know, not every fish is hooked perfectly.

Here are the fundamenta­ls of bringing your prize to the bank. With practice you’ll learn the composure needed to succeed more often than you fail.

“As we all know, not every fish is hooked perfectly”

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