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Dressing Up: The Women Who Influenced French Fashion Elizabeth L. Block

MIT Press, $34.95

ISBN 9780262045­841

In the late th century, wealthy women in the United States took great care in deciding what to wear for their portraits. Their enthusiasm for French couture not only made it on to canvas, but shaped the fashion industry on both sides of the Atlantic.

Titian: Sources and Documents Charles Hope

Ad Ilissum, £500

ISBN 9781912168­231

Every document relating to Titian and his work from his lifetime, as well as every reference to the painter in contempora­ry publicatio­ns, has been collected here by Charles Hope. The six-volume set contains the original texts, followed by an English summary, notes and commentary.

Underworld: Imagining the Afterlife in Ancient South Italian Vase Painting David Saunders (ed.)

Getty Publicatio­ns, £55

ISBN 9781606067­345

How did the ancients visualise the Underworld – and was the afterlife anything to look forward to? Some surviving examples of funerary vases from southern Italy allow us to form a fuller picture of the horrors of Hades.

Leonhart Fuchs: The New Herbal Leonhart Fuchs; Werner Dressendör­fer (ed.) Taschen, £125

ISBN 9783836587­662

In this catalogue of some medicinal plants and their healing properties, the pioneering th-century botanist (from whom fuchsias take their name) created an enduring intellectu­al history and reference work that remains justly famous for its accomplish­ed illustrati­ons.

The Vanished Collection Pauline Baer de Perignon; Natasha Lehrer (trans.) Head of Zeus, £12.99

ISBN 9781803280­905

The author’s account of tracking down the Impression­ist paintings and French Regency-era furniture stolen by the Nazis from her great-grandfathe­r, the Parisian collector Jules Strauss, combines dogged detective work with family memoir.

Maillol (re)découvert

Ursel Berger and Elisabeth Lebon Gourcuff Gradenigo, €29

ISBN 9782353403­547

Produced in good time for a revival of interest in Aristide Maillol (the Musée d’Orsay’s survey opens this spring), this bilingual catalogue focuses on the artist’s early work and his dealings with Ambroise Vollard, who launched his career and encouraged him to edition his sculptures.

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