Did you know that you can get your hear­ing tested eas­ily?

And it’s ab­so­lutely free at Spec­savers!

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Our ears are amaz­ing things – help­ing us to hear every­thing from bird­song to a glo­ri­ous brass band in full swing. But hear­ing can of­ten be taken for granted and many of us don’t re­alise that over time our hear­ing can de­te­ri­o­rate, so things don’t sound as sharp and clear as they used to. Hear­ing loss is sur­pris­ingly com­mon, with cur­rent es­ti­mates sug­gest­ing that it af­fects around 1 in 6 in the UK*. Of course, the loss usu­ally hap­pens quite grad­u­ally and a lot of the time you don’t no­tice it your­self. Of­ten it is friends or fam­ily who re­alise you might be hav­ing is­sues be­fore you your­self be­come aware of it. So what are the tell-tale signs that we should look out for? The usual ones are things like hav­ing the TV turned up so loud that oth­ers find it un­com­fort­able and keep ask­ing you to turn it down, or you hav­ing to ask peo­ple to re­peat them­selves fre­quently and think­ing that peo­ple are mum­bling a lot, par­tic­u­larly in noisy pubs or restaurants. Spec­savers rec­om­mend that any­one over the age of 55 should have reg­u­lar hear­ing checks. It is re­ally easy and com­pletely free from Spec­savers Au­di­ol­o­gists. You can even do it at home in the first in­stance us­ing the Spec­savers free hear­ing check app or on-line hear­ing test. If it turns out af­ter your in-store hear­ing test that you have some hear­ing loss Spec­savers will be able to help and ad­vise you. There’s of­ten a mis­con­cep­tion around the size of hear­ing aids but the re­al­ity is that they come in a whole range of fit­ting styles that can be very small and dis­creet. It’s in­cred­i­ble ac­tu­ally, con­sid­er­ing the level of tech­nol­ogy and fea­tures packed into such tiny de­vices. Spec­savers Au­di­ol­o­gists have all the lat­est hear­ing aids in­clud­ing ones that are rechar­gable, made from ti­ta­nium and es­sen­tially in­vis­i­ble to oth­ers. They can even be con­trolled through a smart­phone.

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