Achn­aba Black­face lambs win James Weir Tro­phy

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United Auc­tions held its an­nual show and sale of Black­face wed­der lambs, spon­sored by the Black­face Sheep Breed­ers’ As­so­ci­a­tion, at Dal­mally Auc­tion Mart.

It also sold all classes cross bred lambs and feed­ing sheep.

A cat­a­logued en­try of 8,002 lambs and sheep sold to a packed ring­side of buy­ers.

Wil­liam Dun­lop, Elms- cleugh, judged the var­i­ous classes of Black­face lambs and his awards are as fol­lows: 1 and cham­pion pen, tak­ing the James Weir Me­mo­rial Tro­phy: Achn­aba - £58. 2 Tul­lochan - £51. 3 Tay­val­lich Es­tate - £45.50.

In line with other cen­tres, lambs were weigh­ing 2k to 3k lighter on the year, nev­er­the­less, most sellers were re­ceiv­ing £2 to £5 per head more on the year.

Over­all, lambs sold to av­er­age £39.98 per head or 149.2 per kilo (+ £3.48 per head or 15.7 pence per kilo) while the Black­face sec­tion av­er­aged £37.35 per head or 128.6 per kilo.

Prin­ci­pal lots and prices: Top prices per head: BF: £62.00 In­ver­nahyle; £59.50 Mill Park; £58.50 Orm­sary Farm­ers; £58.00 Achn­aba; £53.00 In­ver­nahyle; £52.50 Lephinkill; £52.00 Clachan Farms (Kil­nin­ver); £51.00 Tul­lochcan; £50.50 Cor­ry­lorn; £50.00 Dall; £49.50 Orm­sary Farm­ers; £47.50 In­ver­nahyle; £47.50 Machrins Farm; £47.50 Lit­tle­port; £47.00 Dru­machar; £46.50 Kilo­ran Farm­ers; £46.00 Luss Es­tates; £46.00 Scalla­saig; £45.50 Cas­tles Es­tate; £45.50 Tay­val­lich Es­tate; £45.00 Inch­garth Farm. SUFFx: £62.00 Dru­machar Farm; £56.50 Glen­brock Farm. TEXx: £70.00 Inch­garth Farm; £65.50 Lephinkill Farm; £61.00 99 Up­per Borve, Barra; £60.00 Kep­poch Farm; £58.50 Bar­breck Farm, Lochgilp­head; £58.50 Stone­field; £58.00 Glen­shero; £58.00 Inch­garth; £57.50 Craig­more; £57.00 Ard­chat­ten; £57.00 Kep­poch. CHEV: £73.50 and £62.00 Brack­en­ridge; £58.50 Cad­dle­ton Farms; £56.00 Gorten. CROSS: £57.00 Stroneskar; £53.00 Stone­field. Ewes: TEXx: £59.00 Craig­more. CHEV: £43.00 4 Gle­naros. BF: £42.50 Cas­tles Es­tate; £40.00 Kil­choan.

Top prices per kilo: Lambs: BF: 179p Inch­garth; 171p Achn­aba; 167p Orm­sary Farm­ers; 166p Lit­tle­port; 165p Tul­lochcan; 165p Lit­tle­port; 163p Orm­sary Farm­ers; 160p Kilo­ran Farm­ers; 160p Orm­sary Farm­ers; 159p Cor­ry­lorn; 158p Eder­line Es­tate; 157p Bra­gleen­more; 157p Clachan Farms (Kil­nin­ver); Cas­tles Es­tate; 157p TighAirigh; 157p Machrins Farm; 155p In­ver­nahyle; 155p Inch­garth; 154p Keila­tor; 154p Lephinkill; 154p Cor­ry­lorn; 152p Gar­ro­gie Es­tates; 151p Deri­cam­bus; 151p Scalla­saig; 151p Mill Park. SUFFx: 174p Ard­chat­ten; 168p Glen­brock. TEXx: 190p Inch­garth Farm; 190p Bar­breck Farm (Lochgilp­head); 188p Inch­garth Farm; 186p Lephinkill Farm; 185p Stone­field Farms; 185p 99 Up­per Borve, Barra; 184p Kep­poch Farm; 183p Keil­beg; 183p Stone­field Farms; 182p Dru­machar Farm; 181p Leargie Farm; 181p Bar­breck (Lochgilp­head). CHEV: 193p Black­mount; 189p Kil­choan; 186p Maam; 184p Inch­garth; 184p Cad­dle­ton Farms; 184p Kil­choan.

Photo: Kevin McG­lynn.

Morag and Don­ald MacCorquo­dale, Achn­aba, and their son Don­nie re­ceiv­ing the James Weir Me­mo­rial Tro­phy from judge Wil­lie Dun­lop for the best pen of Black­face lambs.

Dal­mally farmer Sy­bil Macpher­son and Aileen MacFadzean, pro­mo­tions man­ager with the Black­face Sheep Breed­ers’ As­so­ci­a­tion, pro­mote Love Lamb Week at Dal­mally Auc­tion Mart. Photo: Kevin McG­lynn.

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