Sellers sat­is­fied at Is­lay auc­tion mart

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United Auc­tions had 1,888 lambs and sheep cat­a­logued at its sec­ond sale of all classes at Is­lay Auc­tion Mart last Fri­day.

De­spite lambs be­ing 1.8 kgs lighter, they av­er­aged £55.80.

Most sellers re­turned home sat­is­fied hav­ing re­ceived around £5 per head more on the year.

A good ring­side of buy­ers was ev­i­dent at the sale and more could have been sold to sellers’ ad­van­tage.

Prin­ci­pal lots and prices: Top prices per head: Lambs: SUFFx: £75.00 and £74.50 Los­sit; £69.00 Craig­fad; £67.00 Is­lay Es­tates; £66.50 and £65.00 Los­sit; £65.00 Craig­fad and Duich. TEXx: £65.50 Dun­los­sit Los­sit; £65.00 Is­lay Es­tates; £64.50 Gart­ness. BELTx: £62.50 1 Clad­dach. CHEV: £56.50 Kil­bride; £53.50 Duich. CROSS: £65.50 and £61.50 Coille. MULE: £62.50 Is­land; £57.00 Is­lay Es­tates; £56.00 Cor­rary, Up­per Crag­gabus Croft and Smal­adh. BF: £45.00 Dun­los­sit Cean­nacroic; £41.50 Cnoc Na Faire. Ewes: TEXx: £75.50 Is­lay Es­tates; £71.00 Carrabus. MULE: £47.50 Ard­beg. BF: £23.50 Ard­beg; £22.50 Cor­rary.

Top prices per kilo: Lambs: SUFFx: 184p Ard­nave; 178p Smal­adh and Kil­bride; 176p Is­lay Es­tate; 175p Carrabus; 172p Con­isby; 171p Ard­nave; 170p Coille and Craig­fad. TEXx: 173p and 172p Carrabus. CHEV: 168p Kil­bride. CROSS: 158p Coille; 156p Los­sit; 156p Coille. MULE: 165p Smal­adh and Up­per Crag­gabus Croft. BF: 132p Dun­los­sit Cean­nacroic; 129p Cnoc Na Faire.

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