Blink­ered re­fusal

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Sir, It is al­ways a de­light when a let­ter awak­ens a landowner.

James F Lith­gow’s in­sult about ‘blow-ins’ is a typ­i­cal trait.

I worked ex­tremely hard to buy my farm, not be­ing able to pig­gy­back on my fore­bears’ ef­forts, and I didn’t ‘blow-in’, it took two forty-foot pan­tech­ni­cons four days.

It is clear he has an in­ter­est in wind tur­bines, and no doubt with a pair of wellies, a fish farm or two.

His blink­ered re­fusal to ac­cept the huge body of ev­i­dence re­gard­ing fish farm con­tam­i­na­tion sug­gests he has an in­vest­ment and it needs pro­tect­ing. But only, of course, if you don’t have a com­mer­cial in­ter­est.

There is a huge amount of ev­i­dence that me­chan­i­cal kelp har­vest­ing does ir­repara­ble dam­age to the sea bed. Could I draw your read­ers’ at­ten­tion to the Face­book page Stop Me­chan­i­cal Kelp Dredg­ing?

The sea bed can’t be seen, but a bank state­ment can.

No prizes for who is the loser. The 600 jobs in aqua­cul­ture will not last long if mass kelp har­vest­ing is al­lowed to dec­i­mate sub-sea en­vi­ron­ments and the only jobs on fish farms will be push­ing bar­rows of dis­eased and dead fish.

I’ve no doubt he knows that wind tur­bines have a 25-year life span and then the hugely dis­rup­tive process will start again if an al­ter­na­tive has not been discovered. It has been cal­cu­lated that the en­ergy costs of a wind tur­bine will never be re­cov­ered dur­ing its life­span, but those re­ceiv­ing grants re­ally don’t care. Why, given the amount of rain­fall in Ar­gyll, are hy­dro schemes not pur­sued?

It used to be a mys­tery, un­til one looks at the vast sums of sub­sidy given by a gullible gov­ern­ment to so-called ‘al­ter­na­tive en­ergy sources’, which ac­tu­ally means ‘al­ter­na­tive rev­enue sources’.

There are any num­ber of pretty glens that could be dammed, pro­vid­ing an ex­tra en­vi­ron­men­tally-friendly leisure re­source, create an op­por­tu­nity for aqua­cul­ture and would not re­quire a re­place­ment some­where down the line.

Alexan­der Hamil­ton, Tay­val­lich.

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