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- keep calm; go at your own pace. - keep your dis­tance. - keep warm cloth­ing, boots, snacks, wa­ter, a spade, a spare tyre and a fully charged phone in the car. - check tyres, coolant, lights and in­di­ca­tors. - be gen­tle with steer­ing; keep hands at 9 and 3. - think where your front wheels are turn­ing; if you have ex­tra steer­ing

then ac­cel­er­ate, you’ll go off in the wrong di­rec­tion - re­mem­ber that when a car slides, if it has a lot of mo­men­tum go­ing one way, it will have

as much mo­men­tum when it comes back the other way. Be quick on the steer­ing to catch it. - be gen­tle on the ac­cel­er­a­tion, or you can create a big slide. - stay in high gear. Too many en­gine revs pro­voke wheel­spin. - re­mem­ber weight trans­fer; ex­ert more weight on the front wheels than the rear; when you ac­cel­er­ate weight trans­fers to the rear; when you lift off the throt­tle or brake, weight trans­fers to the front. - life the ac­cel­er­a­tor then brake gen­tly be­fore a bend, grad­u­ally

re­leas­ing the brakes as you ap­proach the apex. - in a spin, keep your eye on the space your aim­ing for, not the haz­ard. - when los­ing con­trol, use the brakes as much as pos­si­ble; bet­ter to

crash at 20mph than 50mph. - deer on the road? Brake in­stead of swerv­ing. - be seen; al­ways use head­lights in dull con­di­tions.

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