Car­ers’ quiz: Do you know the im­pact of car­ing?

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The Dochas Cen­tre in Lochgilp­head held an in­for­ma­tion cafe on Fri­day Novem­ber 30, open­ing the eyes of vis­i­tors on the statis­tics of car­ers, and the idea that it af­fects more of us than you might think.

The cen­tre of­fers help and sup­port to peo­ple car­ing for oth­ers and is hop­ing to spread aware­ness of car­ers’ rights.

Test your­self with the Car­ers Scot­land quiz, and you might be sur­prised the im­pact of car­ing.


1. How many adult car­ers are there in Scot­land?

a) 759,000 b) 550,000 c) 360,000

2. How many young car­ers are there es­ti­mated to be in Scot­land?

a) 15,000 b) 29,000 c) 35,000

3. How many peo­ple take on a car­ing role ev­ery year?

a) 120,000 b) 90,000 c) 160,000

4. How many peo­ple care for 35 hours a week or more?

a) 102,000 b) 153,000 c) 171,000

5. True or false: 132,000 peo­ple care for 50 hours a week or more? 6. What per­cent­age of car­ers are fe­male?

a) 59 per cent b) 70 per cent c) 45 per cent

7. What per­cent­age of car­ers are male?

a) 60 per cent b) 41 per cent c) 30 per cent

8. True or false: 3 in 5 of us will be­come car­ers at some point in our lives. 9. How many peo­ple jug­gling car­ing with hold­ing down a job?

a) 125,000 b) 200,000 c) 250,000

10. What is the main car­ers ben­e­fit worth just now for a min­i­mum of 35 hours car­ing?

a) £62.10 b) £90.00 c) £73.10

11. What per­cent­age of car­ers have been in debt at some point?

a) 25 per cent b) 36 per cent c) 47 per cent

12. How many car­ers say their health is worse be­cause of car­ing?

a) 4 out of 10 b) 6 out of 10 c) 8 out of 10

13. What per­cent­age of car­ers are em­ployed or self-em­ployed?

a) 25 per cent b) 42 per cent c) 56 per cent

14. By 2037, the num­ber of car­ers in Scot­land will have in­creased to what?

a) around 700,000 b) around one mil­lion c) around 900,000

15. How much do car­ers save the Scot­tish econ­omy?

a) £8.4 bil­lion b) £9.5 bil­lion c) £10.3 bil­lion

Fay MacCuish came in to hear about car­ers’ rights from Dochas Cen­tre’s Cather­ine Pater­son. 51_a49Dochas01

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