An ex­pe­ri­ence that will last a lifetime

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In­de­pen­dent ed­u­ca­tion is one of the most im­por­tant de­ci­sions you will make for your fam­ily.

Where and what kind of home you buy and choos­ing your ca­reer path are the only fam­ily de­ci­sions you will make which will be big­ger than whether to take your child out of main stream pub­lic ed­u­ca­tion and into the fee-pay­ing in­de­pen­dent sec­tor.

There are as many rea­sons for in­de­pen­dent ed­u­ca­tion as there are chil­dren; per­haps it is a fam­ily tra­di­tion. It could be that you know your ca­reer is go­ing to lead to re­lo­ca­tion af­ter re­lo­ca­tion and board­ing is the best way to pro­vide the sta­bil­ity needed dur­ing vi­tal times in your chil­dren’s ed­u­ca­tion.

No mat­ter how ex­cel­lent a state school might be, it will al­ways have a ‘one-size-fits-all’ ap­proach to­wards some as­pects of school life. This is fine for most of the time but if, for some rea­son, your son or daugh­ter is the one who is finding it hard to make that fit you can­not help but won­der if they would be bet­ter off in the in­de­pen­dent sec­tor.

Is your child just not thriv­ing? Are there ar­eas where they need ex­tra help or is it that they are not be­ing stretched enough to re­alise their full po­ten­tial.

Would they ben­e­fit from the smaller class sizes that the in­de­pen­dents of­fer? This can of­ten be a key point for chil­dren from re­mote or ru­ral ar­eas like the West High­lands who have at­tended state pri­mary schools with small class sizes who find them­selves over­whelmed by the size of sec­ondary schools.

With state school bud­gets be­ing ever tight­ened do the ex­tra-cur­ric­u­lar ac­tiv­i­ties and en­hanced pas­toral care of the in­de­pen­dent sec­tor look like money well spent in prov­ing for you child’s fu­ture?

The last 50 years have seen an un­prece­dented rise in consumer cul­ture with fam­i­lies near brain­washed into be­liev­ing that buy­ing big­ger, bet­ter, faster, newer is best. We are mov­ing away from this mind­set and a re­al­i­sa­tion is dawn­ing that ex­pe­ri­ence, not pos­ses­sions, is what binds us and cre­ates stronger, hap­pier fam­i­lies. Would your chil­dren ben­e­fit from ex­pe­ri­enc­ing in­de­pen­dent ed­u­ca­tion?

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