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Search continues for Mid Argyll post offices

- By Colin Cameron editor@argyllshir­eadvertise­

Lochgilphe­ad and Inveraray appear no closer to getting a new post office than they have been since the first half of 2020.

Inveraray Post Office had been hosted in the town’s Londis shop for a number of years, but closed in April 2020 with the departure of the postmaster, as Londis was replaced by The Tipsy Laird.

In June, the sudden passing of Lochgilphe­ad postmaster Findlay Campbell shocked and saddened the community.

The town was left with no post office, and that shows little sign of changing in the near future.

As a temporary measure, Tarbert Post Office has visited Inveraray and Lochgilphe­ad with a mobile service, as well as providing outreach for Ardrishaig.

Speaking to the Argyllshir­e Advertiser, a Post Office spokespers­on said this week that no ‘permanent solution’ had yet been found for either town, despite the vacancies being advertised online for months.

The spokespers­on added: ‘We want to thank the postmaster for Tarbert for providing the mobile post office service in the interim to help maintain service in Lochgilphe­ad and Inveraray.’

The ongoing pandemic is clearly a factor in the failure to identify a host business for these branches – the Post Office said in the autumn that ‘the the effects of coronaviru­s on retail businesses and the UK high street remains a challengin­g environmen­t in which to operate’ – but the company has been the subject to criticism for its approach.

In October a Mid Argyll businessma­n said he had approached the Post Office offering to open up a shop in Inveraray hosting a post office branch.

The company, he claims, responded by seeking £17,000 in set-up costs.

The Post Office responded that it had ‘received some interest for Inveraray’, but a spokespers­on added that ‘we cannot commit to funding the set-up costs for every branch’.

Argyll and Bute MSP Michael Russell said: ‘There has been a difficulty in recruitmen­t across the constituen­cy and the Post Office needs to do more to encourage applicatio­ns.’

If anyone is interested in these and other Post Office vacancies, visit www.runapostof­ for more informatio­n.

 ??  ?? Lochgilphe­ad has been without a post office since June 2020.
Lochgilphe­ad has been without a post office since June 2020.

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