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Jilly Wilson of Lochgilphe­ad’s Square Peg gift shops and takeaway


‘After months of little or no income, I’m excited to be opening the gift shop doors again. I’ve had incredible support from local customers who have continued to come to the Sandwich Bar and who have also continued to shop for gifts online.

‘I’m also very grateful for the financial support received from the Strategic Framework Business Fund and from Argyll and Bute Council that has enabled my business to stay afloat. However, I am very much looking forward to regaining a sense of control and once more being the master of my fate.

‘It’s still pretty hard to predict the future. I’m very lucky to already have a good network of loyal customers and friends of my shop. I know a lot of people turned to online shopping at the beginning of the pandemic but I have a genuine sense that, with the restrictio­n of movement, shoppers have also become even more aware of what is available to them locally.

‘My feeling is that small high street business can offer a safer shopping experience than big city stores and I am hopeful the greater focus on supporting local shops and businesses is a habit that will not die with the end of restrictio­ns.’

 ??  ?? Jilly Wilson hopes people will support local shops.
Jilly Wilson hopes people will support local shops.

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