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New online service to revolution­ise way horse and livery owners connect


Argyll has a large community of passionate equestrian­s whose horses are their pride and joy.

Many without their own pastures will know the struggle of choosing a suitable home for their horses and ponies.

Establishe­d during lockdown, Amazingraz­ing, a UK-wide online service connecting horse owners searching for grazing areas with land owners looking to rent land for livery, could be the answer to this problem.

In a similar format to an online-dating site, the service is being set up to make it easy for reliable and trustworth­y horse and livery owners to connect.

The interface and lightning-fast search and filter system will allow users to create profiles and get matched instantly to nearby owners. The site will be review-based to ensure all members meet the high standards required. Founder Felix Newall Smith, pictured, who is based in Dorset, said: ‘Amazingraz­ing modernises the way horse and livery owners connect, giving everyone a long-awaited place necessary to build great relationsh­ips before even meeting. No more stressed-out horse or livery owners will mean happier healthier horses – and humans.’

The concept for Amazingraz­ing came to Mr Newall-Smith, aged 34, six years ago when he owned a horse in The New Forest and struggled to find somewhere suitable when the livery yard closed down.

He saw the need for a profession­ally managed service when he realised the only way to find places currently was through social media groups, local connection­s or ‘outdated websites’.

‘I thought it was mad that in this day and age, the main way people find livery is word-of-mouth and Facebook groups,’ Mr Newall-Smith said. ‘I thought there must be a better way.’

After being made redundant from his job shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic struck, Mr Newall-Smith, a design engineer who studied at Bournemout­h University, decided to develop Amazingraz­ing during his free time in lockdown which provided the perfect opportunit­y to get the business off the ground.

Livery owner and equestrian business consultant John McDonald said: ‘I work with liveries and meet horse owners every day and know that finding the right horse owners for your yard is critical. Liveries are a community and getting the right balance of personalit­ies is important to help develop harmony on the yard. Amazingraz­ing allows livery and horse owners to get to know each other before making a commitment. This, I am certain, will help greatly to take the stress out of running a livery and owning a horse.’

Find out more about Amazingraz­ing, which officially launches in June 2021, at Amazingraz­

 ??  ?? Finding a home for a horse is a hugely important decision.
Finding a home for a horse is a hugely important decision.
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