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Amazingraz­ing: From the problems to the concept, solutions and the future


The problem:

A lot of horse owners like the livery they are at but when they move they struggle to find one as most liveries don’t have websites or they are often out of date.

Livery and horse owners often clash over the best way to look after the horse. To the owner, the horse is an extension of their family and they want to make sure it is done correctly, however, often the livery has different ideas on how this should be done and this often leads to disputes.

A lot of the time, there are no contracts between either party so when things go wrong, it can get messy quickly and there are many horror stories from both sides.

Livery owners want a service which allows them to vet horse owners and their horses before they meet them.

Equally, horse owners want to be able to vet liveries before travelling long distances and committing to large amounts of money to a yard that does not have the services they are after.

The solutions:

When using the Amazingraz­ing site, users can create a profile; search and view results; view livery or equine owners’ profiles; wave hello (like); favourite other users; send a message; use the chat forum and leave reviews when a partnershi­p ends.

In the last year, Amazingraz­ing founder Felix Newall-Smith has conducted surveys with horse and livery owners, created a Facebook page which has so far amassed 1,400 followers and developed and tested a ‘click through’ website with potential future users.

He started the ball rolling with a Weymouth-based web developer and the website, which is now 80 per cent complete, is due to launch in June 2021.

Prediction­s for the future:

Mr Newall-Smith believes that Amazingraz­ing will quickly take over the market.

Once establishe­d, there are plans to improve the service, giving members greater benefits, and develop an app.

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