Argyllshire Advertiser

Thought for the Week

- Pastor Ryan Taylor, Lochgilphe­ad Baptist Church.

I would think we are all grateful and excited for the arrival of spring, bringing new life and growth.

We enjoy the snowdrops and daffodils coming to life in our gardens and beautiful parks, the sounds of birds chirping away as they eat from bird feeders and the bleating of newborn lambs.

The dark cold months of winter remind me of those tough times we endure in our Christian lives, times where it seems there is no hope, as you face your dark, cold and difficult situation.

Yet we manage to survive the winter by keeping our homes warm with heaters and wood burning fireplaces and consuming countless cups of tea, coffee, soup and hot chocolate, while holding onto the truth, that spring and summer will return.

I am aware the ongoing lockdown has been tough and dark for many of us, causing many challenges like loneliness, depression and uncertaint­y about what this year has in store for us.

As Christians, we get the privilege of being able to connect and press into God during these dark and cold times in our lives.

It is His continuing presence, His faithfulne­ss, His love, His care and His commitment to us that equips us to endure and persevere, bringing us into the times of new growth and life as we soak in His warmth, His love and His light.

Let us look forward to the warmer months, knowing that the dark and cold times are always only but a season in our lives.

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