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Shopper-Aide is 10 years old


This month marks 10 years since Campbeltow­n charity Shopper-Aide was founded.

The charity provides support and services including shopping, housekeepi­ng and, in normal circumstan­ces, social activities for those in Kintyre aged over 60.

Over the past decade, and during the last year in particular, Shopper-Aide has become a lifeline for many older people.

The charity’s founder Susan Paterson said: ‘It was in 2009 that the need to develop a shopping service to help older people on discharge from hospital, no longer able to drive or to carry heavy bags, came to the attention of South Kintyre Fit Communitie­s.

‘Since then, we have provided a shopping service and a number of social activities and housekeepi­ng throughout Kintyre.

‘We have developed the Making Kintyre Dementia Friendly project to help all parts of the community understand dementia and how it can be managed.

‘We have worked with children of all ages, meeting and helping the older generation, and look forward to doing so again.

‘Thanks to everyone who has been involved in any way with Shopper-Aide. It has been and, I hope, will continue to be a help to older generation­s in Kintyre.’

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