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Pregnant ewe killed


With lambing in full swing around Argyll, dog owners have been reminded to keep their pets under close control in the countrysid­e.

Dog attacks on sheep continue, despite recent publicity around the subject.

On April 2 in Lochgoilhe­ad, a dog owner was charged by police for allowing their dog to run loose in a field containing livestock. The dog chased and killed a pregnant ewe.

Area commander Chief Inspector Emma Grimason said: ‘When walking your dog, we urge people to act responsibl­y and keep your dog under close control.

‘This is more important than ever during lambing season when we would ask all dog walkers to keep well away from fields containing sheep.’

Under the Dogs (Protection of Livestock) Act 1953, the dog being off the lead in a field containing livestock is an offence, even if it does not chase or worry livestock whilst being off the lead. Farmers and those who use the countrysid­e are urged to report all incidents of sheep worrying to police on 101 or 999 if the incident is ongoing.

Lucy Sumsion, NFU Scotland’s regional manager for Argyll and the Islands, added: ‘Unfortunat­ely there was a horrific dog attack on livestock in Lochgoilhe­ad recently which resulted in the death of a ewe heavy in lamb. Please be extra vigilant and keep your dog on a lead near livestock.’

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