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Clachan community hub receives the green light


Councillor­s have approved plans for a community hub in Clachan, writes Colin Cameron.

The proposal, by Clachan Village Hall Committee for Achnaha in Clachan, Tarbert, went before Argyll and Bute Council’s planning, protective services and licensing (PPSL) committee on April 21.

Twelve objections had been received and eight letters of support, which would see a house turned into a community hub. The building was initially constructe­d in 1878 as a free church and is a category B-listed building.

A council planning officer recommende­d approval of the plans at the PPSL committee meeting without the need for a public hearing.

The planning officer said: ‘Notwithsta­nding concerns of some people who have made representa­tions of objection on grounds of traffic congestion and road safety hazards directly resulting from the proposed change of use, officers consider that the day-to-day community type uses typical of a village community hall will be of such modest scale as to have minimal impact on the public/ private road infrastruc­ture.

‘In addition, the central village location will offer an opportunit­y for users to travel to the hall by foot or bike as opposed to a very short car journey. It is noted off-street car parking provision meets the adopted council car parking standards. The occasions where the hall will be used to its absolute capacity are very likely to be occasional and at such times it has been proposed that overspill parking be provided nearby.

‘It is officers’ interpreta­tion that the issue which has raised most concern relates to the potential impact of some of the uses typical of a community hub/hall in close proximity to houses. It is assessed that this is a prominent building with a status that is appropriat­e to a community type of use.

‘Officers consider that the significan­t majority of village community activities including meetings, activity and social clubs, coffee mornings are capable of taking place within a residentia­l area without detriment to residentia­l amenities by reason of undue noise or disturbanc­e. Officers have also taken into account the representa­tions of support which refer to a sense of community activity and vitality within the village as a positive effect.’

The committee agreed to grant planning permission subject to conditions including the agreement of road junction improvemen­ts and parking arrangemen­ts for eight cars as well as a landscapin­g plan, before building work begins.

 ??  ?? The proposed Clachan community hub will be housed in a former free church building.
The proposed Clachan community hub will be housed in a former free church building.

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