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Shop better to help our planet



Glasgow hosts the UN COP26 event this November and this is a great chance to showcase some of the world leading efforts Scotland is making to combat climate change.

In the lead up to this many groups and organisati­ons are already working hard to make sure their voices are heard.

As a member of the COP26 leadership team, I have already met with many of these groups to hear their views and listen to the requests they have of world leaders.

One thing we all have in common is that we must take action and every country around the globe must work together to do this.

Grassroots support is so important and it’s very often the smaller changes we make to our lives that will make all the difference.

I have always been a fan of second-hand clothes and thanks to charity shops across Argyll and Bute most of the clothes I wear are second hand.

It was great to be involved in Oxfam’s Second Hand September launch event and to see preowned clothing losing the stigma it once had, to become a statement of sustainabi­lity instead.

That’s why I’m pleased to be asked to back the #BuyBetter campaign which launched recently.

This has evolved from Second Hand September and aims to raise awareness of the impact of throwaway or ‘fast’ fashion.

People are also growing increasing­ly aware of the negative effects of unsustaina­ble consumptio­n more generally, including food and plastic waste. The pandemic has made things more difficult, but as restrictio­ns ease it’s more important than ever that we support our local shops, especially independen­t retailers, and shop on our own high streets, buying from charity shops where we can.

Just as government­s need to commit to leading the way in tackling climate change, it’s important we all do what we can as well.

As part of that I’m pleased to see Scotlandba­sed organisati­on Big Dreams, Little Footprints launch the #PollutionI­sPants social media campaign celebratin­g second-hand/ vintage/swapped/rented clothes and the need to keep clothes out of landfill.

This is a great fun initiative that raises awareness of the range and quality of second-hand clothes and other items available.

Brendan O’Hara, MP for Argyll and Bute.

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