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We all love to be proved right, who wouldn’t? And one of the most difficult parts of building your house is finding the right people to do the job. The right person, with the right skills at the right price who arrives at the right time will make or break your project. So many rights, no wonder we worry about getting it wrong! As we have said, all the trades have their own representa­tive bodies and organisati­ons and it is essential you make sure your trades people are fully accredited. Make sure they have qualificat­ions you can verify and a good company always has a good mix of people – from older employees down to apprentice­s who are attending recognised courses. In an age where anyone can build an impressive webpage, or print off masses of fliers and business cards, you need to be vigilant. Remember that with any trade you are paying for skill, experience, good quality training and up-to-the minute knowledge of products and regulation­s. And also remember that good people get snapped up! If you live somewhere remote or you are looking for a highly-qualified specialist in any field, especially renovation and conservati­on then get them booked as soon as possible. This is why working with an architect is so valuable; they know their specialist­s and where to find them. The same goes for building supplies; don’t always look to the big boys for the best deals; in the more rural and remote parts of the country the smaller, private firms are often part of a buying consortium and their prices and personal service might astound you. Having said that, the neighbourh­ood branch of a national firm with an excellent local manager is also worth finding; time spent of reconnaiss­ance is never wasted, as they say in the military.

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