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Man drove around Jura forestry road whilst disqualifi­ed


A man living on Jura mistakenly thought he could drive, whilst disqualifi­ed, on a forestry road on the island.

The mistake landed him in front of Sheriff Patrick Hughes at Campbeltow­n Sheriff court last week.

Thomas Nayles Rennie, aged 51, of 2 Woodside Cottages, Craighouse, admitted driving whilst disqualifi­ed and without insurance on the road in the Corran area of the island on April 25 last year.

He also admitted acting in a threatenin­g and abusive manner at a location near Small Isles Cottages, Craighouse.

Procurator fiscal James Dunbar said reports were made by civilian witnesses that Rennie had been seen driving a Jaguar car.

In another incident, he approached a parked car in a lay-by and Rennie became angry, accusing the man of photograph­ing and videoing him. Another person heard the raised voices and called the police.

Procurator fiscal depute James Dunbar told the court that Rennie had sworn at the driver and said: ‘I am coming for you, stay out of my life.’

Rennie’s defence agent, Derek Buchanan, said that on the day in question the road Rennie had been driving on was a forestry estate one.

He said: ‘It is private but where public have access.

‘He wrongly believed he was entitled to drive there.’

In reference to the other matter, Mr Buchanan said Rennie had been reported to the benefit agency by someone on the island. That had been ongoing. These unsubstant­iated reports to the benefit agency had caused considerab­le stress to Mr Rennie.

The sheriff admonished Rennie for both driving offences but in the case of no insurance he added a £50 fine to send a message that the court takes a serious view of anyone driving without insurance cover.

A total of six penalty points were added to Rennie’s licence.

Sheriff Hughes said he viewed the threat of violence far more seriously and handed down a fine of £320 and warned any future conduct like this would mean a custodial sentence. Rennie was also ordered to pay a victim surcharge of £20.

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