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Memories of an Inveraray fire


The above photograph came into the hands of the Argyllshir­e Advertiser thanks to the late Niall Iain MacLean of Inveraray.

Mr MacLean sadly passed away last April at the age of 91 but after his death the paper received a bundle of photograph­s courtesy of Mr MacLean’s wife Ines, and she included the following note: ‘These are some photograph­s that Niall Iain wanted to send you just around the beginning of lockdown. I hope you may find them of some interest.’

They certainly are of interest and we thank Mrs MacLean for being kind enough to send them in.

The photograph above, showing the Argyll Arms Hotel - now the Inveraray Inn - on fire has a date on the back, presumably written by Niall Iain himself, of 1952.

In the same handwritin­g it is also noted: ‘Fire! Argyll Arms Hotel. The fire [as far as can be made out] broke the lease.’

Do any readers remember this incident? What was meant by ‘broke the lease’?

We would be pleased to hear from anyone with memories and knowledge of the time.

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 ??  ?? The fire at Inveraray’s Argyll Arms Hotel in 1952.
The fire at Inveraray’s Argyll Arms Hotel in 1952.

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