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A furniture business built on quality and care


Highland BlindCraft makes highqualit­y beds, but that’s not all it does. It’s all about making people feel involved, valued and cared for. Highland BlindCraft’s roots lie in teaching the blind with the belief that if someone has the willingnes­s to work, then paid employment should be an option for all people including those who suffer from a disability. The deprivatio­n of sight has been shown to be no disqualifi­cation for a life of ordinary usefulness nor has it stood in the way of pre-eminent success in almost every department of human labour.When the factory was establishe­d, their employees were given the same rights and conditions as able-bodied people in the workplace and would not be further disadvanta­ged – and the factory is still run on the same principle today.As a charity and a business, the employees’ wellbeing is at the very heart of the charities philosophy and practice. The workforce could almost be described as a family – a close family looking out for one another and supporting each other in their individual developmen­t and quality of life expectatio­ns. Highland BlindCraft is committed to lifelong learning and improving the quality of life for all the people they are responsibl­e for. It’s not all about making amazing beds; it’s so much more.

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