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Canvas or gessoed wood, approx 8x6” and 6x4”. Working on small boards allows us to work quickly and forces us to simplify.

Linseed oil and turpentine

We use turpentine sparingly at the start so that it can quickly evaporate and this allows us to tone the panel. Use the linseed oil as the medium or the vehicle to help move the paint around the panel.


3x size 6 lbert, 1x size 2 round. You can work with any brushes. Filberts are the most traditiona­l and I also like to use rounds. For the hair I like a mixture of hogs and synthetic brushes (ivory). I think it is best to work with bigger brushes so we are less able to go into detail. You can have a small brush for the accents at the end; I use one brush for the accents and clean it with kitchen roll as I work.

Oil paints

Any combinatio­n of colours can work and it is good to work with what you are accustomed to; it is really about how we mix colours rather than the speci c colour, as there are endless possibilit­ies of what we can mix with a limited range of colours. I like to have a warm and cold of each primary colour (blue, red, yellow) and a white. For these exercises I am going to reduce my palette: Ultramarin­e Blue Cadmium Red Light Cadmium Yellow Light Yellow Ochre Titanium White

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