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1. Who com­posed the or­a­to­rio, ‘The Beat­i­tudes’?

2. An ex­cess of crys­tals of which acid in the tis­sues causes gout?

3. What is a mata­mata?

4. Which West Ger­man chan­cel­lor was called the ‘Old Fox’?

5. What is Bri­tain’s busiest con­tainer port? 6. What type of an­i­mal was a Tas­ma­nian tiger?

7. Whose last two drama se­ries were Karaoke and Cold Lazarus?

8. Of which metal is limonite an ore?

9. The word ‘gypsy’ is a cor­rup­tion of which other word?

10. Which vet­eran singer’s Un­plugged al­bum won him a Grammy in 1995?

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