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“We’re having a holiday in this lovely country”

Fiona Dalziel and her husband Mark, from Alloa, have opted for camping staycation­s instead of going abroad this year



But that doesn’t mean relaxing holidays are off the menu for the couple – they’ve already enjoyed two camping breaks. Says Fiona: “The first time was three quarters of an hour away to Three Lochs Drive. It’s literally wild camping, so right back to basics, and we loved it. And we still managed to produce some gourmet dinners! “Then we had three nights in Aberfoyle, which is not that far away, and we walked to the pub through the woods one night, sat by the side of the river – lots of great stuff. And we’ve got another trip planned already.” Despite having travelled extensivel­y to far-flung destinatio­ns such as India and Japan up until August 2019, Fiona has discovered the joy of camping. “We live in a lovely country and we’re a stone’s throw away from the most beautiful scenery. “The first camping trip we went on, I have to say we saw the best sunset I’ve ever seen in my whole life. I don’t think we’re going to be jumping on a plane soon – though I do miss it.” Fiona and Mark, who are in their 50s, would usually be planning a holiday to Canada as well as their regular trip to Lanzarote in November. But this year they’ll be enjoying a staycation near their home in Alloa. Fiona is well aware of the guidance for travel, but she’s swapped PCR tests and planes for a camping break. “Mark and I travel a lot and we’re double vaccinated, but this year we just thought: ‘We’re not doing it,’” she says. “We weighed up the impact of foreign travel. “My husband runs a large constructi­on company, and they’re really pushed now because it’s busy and so many people are off. He’s less inclined to go away because if the guidance changes, he doesn’t want to have to self-isolate when he comes back – he needs to know he’s only going to be off on holiday for two weeks.”

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