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WHAT: The first sports-spe­cific carb mouth rinse.

WHY: Carb rins­ing is in­creas­ingly pop­u­lar with ath­letes and has the stamp of ap­proval from many sports nu­tri­tion­ists. The idea is to swill the carb so­lu­tion around your mouth for 5-10 sec­onds be­fore dis­charg­ing it and not swal­low­ing.

Sev­eral stud­ies have shown it can help to im­prove the ca­pac­ity for sus­tained mod­er­ate to high in­ten­sity ex­er­cise of about an hour or more in du­ra­tion. The mouth rinses are said to work by stim­u­lat­ing car­bo­hy­drate re­cep­tors in the mouth with pe­ri­odic small rinses, ac­ti­vat­ing ar­eas of the brain as­so­ci­ated with plea­sure, re­ward, mo­ti­va­tion and mo­tor con­trol.

Re­searchers sug­gest their use can al­ter an ath­lete’s per­cep­tion of fa­tigue and in­crease power out­put, re­sult­ing in a per­for­mance boost. Unit Rinse is avail­able in three flavours – mixed berry, peach mango and root beer.

WHERE: Unit Rinse will cost around £5 when it goes on sale shortly at unit­nu­tri­tion.com

Swill carbs around your mouth for, in the­ory, a boost in per­for­mance

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