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These aren’t easy, so try find your­self a gym­nas­tics mat to prac­tise them on. From a stand­ing po­si­tion, slowly squat down as low as you can, keep­ing your chest up with good pos­ture.

Al­low your­self to roll back­wards, as you do, crunch your abs and ex­tend your feet to the sky ( point your toes, we’re pros here), us­ing your hands as sta­bilis­ers on the floor while in this “hol­low” body po­si­tion. Then re­verse the move­ment with con­trol, and as your feet reach the floor, tuck them un­der your bum and flick your body for­ward so you re­turn to the bot­tom squat po­si­tion. Stand up and re­peat.

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