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It’s win­ter, it’s cold and it’s dark out­side and the last thing most of us are mo­ti­vated to do is schlep to the gym and spend an hour bust­ing our guts ( or let’s call it what it is: sit­ting around tak­ing self­ies and check­ing In­sta­gram with the oc­ca­sional ex­er­cise in be­tween). In­stead, try this ab work­out. It’ll take about 30 min­utes, with 30 sec­onds work and 30 sec­onds rest per ex­er­cise. Work your way down the list and once you’ve done each ex­er­cise once, re­peat the whole thing


> With a ket­tle­bell or a weight, sit with good pos­ture ( re­mem­ber the tips from the op­po­site page), feet out in front of you, bend­ing your knees slightly.

> Tap a ket­tle­bell or medicine ball ( choose a weight that you can man­age) on the ground on one side, then ro­tate your torso and shoul­ders to tap it on the op­po­site side. > To in­crease dif­fi­culty, raise your feet off of the ground, or, harder still, straighten your legs.


> Lie on your back on the floor, spread your knees and bring the soles of your feet to­gether, as close to your bum as com­fort­able.

> Stretch your arms be­hind your head and tap the floor, then bring them for­wards and use the mo­men­tum to sit up and tap the floor in front of your feet. Make sure your shoul­ders come for­ward over your hips for full range of mo­ment.

> Slowly lie back down and re­peat.


> Lie on the floor, bring­ing your fin­gers to your tem­ples, ex­tend­ing your legs and lift­ing both your feet and shoul­ders off the ground. > Be­gin the move­ment by bring­ing your left knee to your right el­bow, while keep­ing the right foot off of the ground.

> Slowly re­turn to the start­ing position, then switch to the op­po­site arm and leg. Re­peat this pat­tern for the re­main­ing time.


> Lie flat on the floor, legs and arms out­stretched. > Throw your arms and one leg up in the air to meet in the mid­dle, tap them to­gether and bring back down. > Re­peat with the op­po­site leg, then con­tinue al­ter­nat­ing for the re­main­der of the 30 sec­onds.


> Sit on the edge of a bench or a box, with your fin­gers over the edge for sup­port and sta­bil­ity. > Lean back and ex­tend your legs out in front of you, hold for a sec­ond, then lean for­ward and tuck your knees up to your chest. > Re­peat this slowly within the 30 sec­onds, be­ing care­ful to keep your bal­ance.


> Bal­ance on your side on one el­bow and the side of your foot. En­gage your core to keep your body straight — don’t let your hips dip to­wards the ground. > Hold this position for the full 30 sec­onds, and each round al­ter­nate which side you work. > To make it harder, bal­ance on your hand ( with your arm fully ex­tended) in­stead of your el­bow.

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