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Those Sex and the City girls may have made the Cos­mopoli­tan fash­ion­able, but na­tive New York­ers will tell you that the cock­tail of choice here­abouts is the Man­hat­tan. Don’t mind if we do. Dat­ing back to the 1860s, it’s a sim­ple blend of 50ml of Rye whisky, 20ml of sweet red ver­mouth and a dash of An­gos­tura bit­ters. Stirred over ice, strained into a chilled mar­tini glass and gar­nished with a maraschino cherry – though serv­ing on the rocks in a low­ball glass is ac­cept­able too – the Man­hat­tan is the per­fect pre- din­ner aper­i­tif.

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