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We need more love of all types not advice from the village idiot, says James Barr

- Words: James Barr

Ann Widdecombe just reiterated her theory that scientists might one day find a cure for homosexual­ity. Twat! We need more love of all types, not a cure for it, and if you need a reminder of the perfection that exists between LGBTQ lovers listen to gay LA singer

Wrabel ( famous for his song The Village, dedicated to our trans family). He’s just released his new single love to love u, and it’s sunshine. “The grass is always greener, but there’s nothing greener than your eyes,” could be the most romantic thing a man could say to me. My eyes are blue though — maybe he’s colour blind…

If you’re looking for anthemic Pride tunes right now ( and who isn’t?) check out

Miley Cyrus’s new EP She Is Coming. The pansexual queer singer called this album a directionl­ess hot mess and says that similar to being “genderless”, she’s also genre- less. Amazing. Her new single Mother ’s Daughter is a battle cry for feminism and a clear declaratio­n for women to have ownership of their bodies, “Don’t fuck with my freedom! I came up to get me some.” There’s also a hot slutty Miley collaborat­ion with RuPaul on the EP. C attitude features fingers in butts, dick and a lot of pussy. Five stars.

If you like your Pride anthems with a side of poppers, you need Todrick Hall’s new song. Nails, Hair, Hips, Heels is basically Work Bitch and I can’t deal. The last two minutes turn into an NYC ball ( have you seen Pose yet?), with various demands including “drop”, “tongue pop”, “pose”, “blink”, “twirl”, “snap” and “clap”, pretty much turning the song into the gay Cha Cha Slide. Yass, hunty.

You know that feeling when you’re on your phone, wading through a sea of Instathots and you feel as if you’re gonna die alone? US electronic huns Muna just turned that mood into the most iconic and relatable bop for gays ever. Number One Fan is shallow stan culture turned up to 100 and yet somehow manages to feel inspiring, uplifting and ultimately freeing.

And speaking of thots, US singer Jordy is the gay man we’d take home, call daddy and introduce to our mum, which seems kinda awkward actually. Love Me Right is a major dating app mood and Jordy’s just as exhausted with hook- up culture as you are.

Katy Perry’s back and her new single Never Really Over is her best song since the Teenage Dream era. Katy suggests she’s ready to let her ex back into her life: “Just because it’s over, doesn’t mean it’s really over … and maybe you’ll be coming over again.” It kinda sounds like a really good Taylor Swift song ( shade), but I just broke up with my boyfriend and this is very triggering for my feels right now. Katy says that just opening social media in 2019 forces a lot of feelings on us, and that this song is about choosing the right ones, rememberin­g that we have the option to move forward.

And lastly, queen Carly

Rae Jepsen has dropped a new album in time for Pride month. Dedicated puts you through all of the emotions of dating with Want You in My Room, as well as Too

Much and Automatica­lly In Love vibing initial lust, to feelings so overwhelmi­ng that you rename your boyfriend “This One” on Twitter.

Happy Pride!

You’re beautiful. Let’s remember our history, celebrate our love and look after each other.

“Jordy is the gay man we’d take home, call daddy and introduce

to our mum”

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