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KENDOLL was less than impressed when Makeup Revolution announced their latest influencer collab, with none other than the sometimesc­ontroversi­al mistress of disguise herself, Alexis Stone! In response to the news, Gothy replied: “Looks like I’m throwing out all my Revolution stuff now.” The Leeds- based queen also liked several tweets by people slamming the collab.

then took to her nondrag Twitter account, saying that one man’s trash is another’s treasure and that Gothy wouldn’t be needing much make- up with her air- time anyway! She also posted very pointed comments implying that Gothy was a Violet Chachki rip- off. The shade! Apparently, this is all because of a man… Haven’t these queens ever heard of the saying “sisters before misters”?

Things were no less heated on the other side of the pond, after All Star LATRICE ROYALE tweeted that queens these days have a different person to do their hair, clothes and so on, asking, “Well bitch what da hell did you do?” Meant as a “funny observatio­n” by the fan favourite, NYC’s Kandy Muse — formerly of Haus of Aja — seemed to take offence, sub- tweeting that she’d pay for whatever she likes if she’s got the money. Meow.

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